So You're Thinking About an Angora?

Congratulations and welcome to the figurative and literal rabbit hole! HaHa

If you're asking yourself this question, know that I've literally been in your shoes and have asked myself all the questions you're thinking now.

First of all, learn about the different breeds of angora. There are pros and cons of each breed, and I spent awhile going back and forth as to which breed was right for me. I have my own reasons for preferring Satin Angoras, and they might be completely different than yours. That's great! All angora breeds have value in fiber arts and deserve their own fan base.

When you think you might have narrowed down your options on selecting a breed, connect with others that have experience in your selection. Facebook has groups that specifically focus on each breed, or you can connect with your local fiber arts guild and ask around. One of the many things I love about being an angora breeder is the friendliness and kindness with pretty much every single person I have encountered in the angora realm. We are a small group of aficionados, and sharing our love and knowledge with you is a true sense of enjoyment.

Once you've done your due diligence to learn about the proper care of the angora breed and secured proper housing and supplies for them, it's time to located a breeder. I would strongly suggest going to an angora breeder as opposed to a pet store. Breeders are specifically working to improve the angora breed of their selected type, and therefore you are sure to get a far higher quality animal with higher quality wool.

To locate a breeder near you, you can go to the ARBA website where they have breeders broken down by state. There are also groups on Facebook where you can connect with breeders. Google searches can also prove helpful. Just make sure the breeder you do work with has a good reputation, so you can be sure to get a healthy, quality angora.