About Us

Hi there! I'm Jenny, creator and owner of AJem Fiber Arts and Angoras.

In my younger years, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education and taught high school. After having my daughters, I decided to teach myself how to crochet. With lots of patience and the help of YouTube, I started at hats, and worked my way to blankets and clothing. After many years, I also picked up knitting and decided to start crocheting as a business. I started Crochet Werks and sold crocheted stuffed animals. At my first festival, I sold two items. I was so discouraged, but didn't want to give up my love of hooks and needles.

During the pandemic, I was introduced to a fiber arts group and little did I know how much that would change my life. I taught myself to spin, and it was as if a whole new world opened to me. I couldn't learn enough. In the span of one year I decided to restart my business as AJem Fiber Arts and offer handspun yarns, rolags, and batts in addition to my finished knit and crochet items. I also decided to get myself a Satin Angora and fell in love with the breed. I dedicated myself to becoming a breeder and am still learning as much as I can to start my own solid lines.

Why the lengthy story? Because like most things in life, for me this is a journey that comes with successes and failures. But I believed in myself and never gave up! And if you love fiber arts too, no matter what medium you enjoy, share that passion and keep doing it!

Welcome to AJem !

AJem is the initials of my family (Alex- my husband, Jenny- me, Eden and Mia- our daughters). Everyone has had a part in my business. My husband helped setup my rabbitry and website. My oldest daughter Eden loves going with me to shows and helps in grooming my angoras. My younger daughter Mia loves giving attention and interaction to my rabbits and created my business logo. We are truly a family business!